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Sadly, many people mistakenly assume that every person who has lung cancer is a smoker. In fact, many people diagnosed with this debilitating disease have never smoked a day in their lives. Yet, because of popular misperceptions about lung cancer, these individuals are often forced to fight in silence. The fatigue that comes with battling this relentless disease makes it impossible to battle the stigma - that people with this disease are responsible for their illness.

Our mission is to transform the way people view lung cancer and eradicate its stigma. We will raise awareness about the fact that lung cancer is not just about smoking, and support and encourage patients and their families impacted by the disease. In the years to come, we will support research efforts to identify the cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, and ways to prevent and treat the illness, so that patients might live longer and healthier lives. Ultimately, we seek to help fund the research to find a cure.

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